Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Photos showing at Madcap until April 2nd!

Hey all! I've had an amazing opportunity to display my photos at Madcap Coffee for a little while now, and they will be up through the end of this week. So if you haven't had the opportunity to stop by yet, here's your final chance! I can guarantee you a real coffee experience, well and being able to see my art is of course a bonus :)

Madcap is located on 98 Monroe Center, in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids. Hours are Mon - Sat 7am to 7 pm. Visit their website for more info, http://www.madcapcoffee.com/.

© N. Matveev
© N. Matveev

I would also like to thank Trevor Corlett, the owner of Madcap, for giving me this great opportunity to share my work with the Grand Rapids community. To me, who is an amateur artist and a recent college graduate, an opportunity like this is like a dream job offer. When someone sees something great in your work, it inspires, motivates, and helps you grow. So thank you Trevor for opening another door for me and helping me grow as an artist, I will always be grateful. Also, thank you for educating the community about a real coffee experience and serving the best coffee of all time! I <3 Madcap Coffee.

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